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Step 4 - Complete Procurement


In the fourth step of the process, the Administrative Support Staff or Purchase Requester complete the purchase requisition and submit it, along with Accessibility review and other supporting documentation, for budgetary approval and order processing.

In this step, the Administrative Support Staff or Purchase Requester is responsible to:

  • Complete and submit purchase requisition

In this step, the Buyer is responsible to:

  • Negotiate and include ongoing accessibility requirements in PO/contract
  • Ensure accessibility documentation is filed/imaged with PO/Contract

Roles and responsibilities

Step 4 process map
Responsible Person Consultation Input(s) Output(s)
Administrative Support Staff or Purchase Requester ATI Reviewer, Buyer IT purchase review approval, supervisor approval, price quote, contractual documents Purchase requisition with all documentation submitted for budgetary and management approval
Buyer Administrative Support Staff or Purchase Requester, ATI Reviewer Approved purchase requisition with all documentation, recommended accessibility requirements and related provisions Purchase order/contract finalized incorporating accessibility requirements and related provisions
Buyer   Finalized Purchase Order/contract and accessibility documentation Accessibility documentation is filed/imaged along with the PO/contract documents

Step 4 - Details

First, the Administrative Support Staff completes the purchase requisition. The Administrative Support Staff requests and receives all supporting documentation from the Purchase Requestor (e.g., IT purchase review approval documentation, price quote, accessibility documentation, vendor contractual documents, and any other documents) and uses the information to prepare the purchase requisition.

Next, the Administrative Support Staff obtains all necessary internal approvals before submitting the purchase requisition along with all supporting documentation for management and budgetary approvals and order processing.

Next, the Buyer works with the Vendor to ensure that all ATI Reviewer recommended accessibility terms and conditions are incorporated into the final Purchase Order (PO) or Contract. Accessibility requirements are typically incorporated via a rider to the PO or contract.

Accessibility requirements usually include:

  • CSU General Provisions for Information Technology Acquisitions - Clause 45
  • Vendor commitment to regularly update ACRs and other accessibility documentation (e.g., on an annual basis, or after major updates/new releases)
  • Vendor Accessibility Roadmap including a contractual commitment to meet defined milestones
  • Vendor demonstration to validate ACR conformance claims and accessibility roadmap progress
  • Vendor commitment to publish accessibility statements as recommended by the CSU

Once the the PO/contract have been finalized, and the order has been accepted by the Vendor, the Buyer ensures that all accessibility documentation is filed/imaged along with the PO/contract documents.