Goals and Success Indicators

Campuses are required to accomplish the ATI goals listed below. Each ATI goal is supported by a set of success indicators that describe the processes, procedures, and activities that need to be accomplished in order to meet the goal. As changes in technology occur, the success indicators may be modified following consultation with campus executive leadership.

Note: ATI Goals and Success Indicators listed below have been updated based on the March 2021 ATI MemoThis link will open a PDF file. (pdf), and will become effective for the 2021-22 academic year.Some goals and success indicators have intentionally been omitted as a result of previously established goals or success indicators becoming obsolete. As a result, some success indicators are not numbered sequentially.

Campus has procurement processes that follow Section 508 requirements for all acquired Information and Communication Technology (ICT) products and/or services.

Success Indicators for Goal 1

  1. 1.3
    Develop a process to determine impact based on the impact matrix/criteria.
  2. 1.4
    Develop a process to determine the level/complexity of 508 evaluation that will be required for new procurements and/or renewals.
  3. 1.5
    Develop a process for procurements that require an evaluation of Section 508 compliance. The process must address requirements for both competitive and non-competitive bid procurements.
  4. 1.7
    Develop a process for all purchase card purchases that require an evaluation of Section 508 compliance.
  5. 1.8
    Develop a process for validating accessibility conformance claims (ACRs, Roadmaps, Accessibility Statements, accessibility demonstrations, RFP responses, and testing documentation).
  6. 1.9
    Develop a process to evaluate Section 508 compliance for campus adoptions of procurements made by multiple campuses or at the systemwide level (e.g., Master Enabling Agreements).
  7. 1.10
    Develop a process so that vendors and campus members involved in ICT procurements know who to contact for assistance, resources, and support.
  8. 1.11
    Assigned authority and responsibility for the accessible ICT procurement process to a body (person(s) or business entity).

Equally Effective Alternate Access Plans are created for ICT products that are not fully Section 508 compliant.

Success Indicators for Goal 4

  1. 4.6
    Develop a process for providing equally effective alternate access. The process must outline when an Equally Effective Alternate Access Plan (EEAAP) is required, assigned roles and responsibilities, and distribution strategy.

Training and outreach programs are in place for all ICT procurement stakeholders (e.g., buyers, purchase requestors, vendors, etc.)

Success Indicators for Goal 5

  1. 5.1
    Develop a process to integrate accessible procurement information into new employee orientation.
  2. 5.2
    Develop a training process for purchase requestors and administrative support staff.
  3. 5.3
    Develop a training process for technology support staff (e.g., Information Technology Consultants).
  4. 5.4
    Develop a training process for Buyers (procurement staff).
  5. 5.5
    Develop a training process for all purchase card holders.
  6. 5.6
    Develop a process to provide ongoing professional development for employees with ATI responsibilities.
  7. 5.9
    Develop a process for working collaboratively with vendors during the procurement process to assess and improve the accessibility of their product (i.e., ACR review process, Accessibility Roadmap).
  8. 5.10
    Develop an ongoing general campus communication with executive support that promotes ICT procurement awareness.

Campuses have sufficient experience and expertise in completing ICT procurements.

Success Indicators for Goal 8

  1. 8.8
    Total number of ICT purchases.
  2. 8.9
    Total number of ICT reviews.
  3. 8.10
    Total number of EEAAPs completed.

Annually review and update the ATI Procurement Plan.

Success Indicators for Goal 9

  1. 9.1
    Develop a process for the ATI Steering Committee to review, revise and approve the updated ATI Procurement Plan.
  2. 9.2
    Develop a process for the procurement subcommittee to inform the revision and coordinate the implementation of the Annual Procurement Plan.