Roles and Responsibilities

The CSU standardized Accessible Procurement process recommends campuses designate appropriate resources for the following defined roles and responsibilities.

The responsibilities listed below may be assigned to one person (e.g. ATI (Procurement) Reviewer, ATI Coordinator) or shared across multiple positions on campus.

  1. Ensures consistent implementation of Accessible Procurement procedures that conform with Federal and State laws as well as CSU policy mandates
    • Consults with Buyer to develop accessibility requirements and language that will be incorporated into bid and contract documents
    • Completes campus documentation for the ATI portions of ICT purchases while ensuring that all ATI-related documents have the required approvals and are readily available for campus personnel involved in EEAAP implementations
    • Attends regularly-scheduled ATI meetings with campus stakeholders (e.g. ATI Steering Committee, campus working groups, ATI Procurement Community of Practice)
  2. Oversees review of accessibility conformance documentation for purchases and competitive bid procurements (e.g. RFPs, RFIs, and RFQs)
    • Evaluates Vendor-provided accessibility conformance documentation (e.g. Accessibility Conformance Report, Accessibility Roadmap)
    • Reviews IT purchase review form submitted by Purchase Requester
  3. Develops campus strategy for selecting products/services that will be evaluated for conformance with accessibility standards
    • Selects products/services that require accessibility conformance testing based on impact criteria
    • As needed, arranges for accessibility conformance testing to validate Vendor accessibility claims
  4. Coordinates with and provides feedback to Vendor to resolve issues with product accessibility support or accessibility documentation
  5. Participates as a member of the EEAAP Committee and coordinates the development of EEAAPs for students, faculty, staff, and members of the public
  6. Serves as the identified campus contact for staff, faculty, students, and Vendors to answer questions related to purchasing accessible products/services
  7. In consultation with the ATI Steering Committee, oversees the initial development and ongoing provision and coordination of Accessible Procurement training programs for the campus community (e.g. buyers, faculty, and staff) to include participant tracking
  8. Coordinates campus communications regarding Accessible Procurement procedures and the campus roll-out of a broad-based awareness campaign regarding Accessible Procurement procedures.
  9. Acts as liaison with the ATI Executive Sponsor and campus community regarding Accessible Procurement issues. Discusses Accessible Procurement issues with campus ATI Executive Sponsor and ATI Steering Committee as needed.

This ATI role describes the person who requests the product/service to be purchased or developed. Note: The completion of paperwork to order a product/service is typically completed by Administrative Support Staff.

  1. Selects the most accessible product/service that meets the functional and business requirements
    • Gathers information necessary to complete the IT purchase review form 
      • Use case (types and quantities of users, how product will be used)
      • Technical and functional requirements
      • Market research for the product/service
    • Obtains Vendor-provided accessibility conformance documents (e.g. Accessibility Conformance Report). In the event of a formal bid, these documents are requested by and must be submitted directly to the Procurement office.
    • Completes and submits the IT purchase review form
  2. Serves as member of EEAAP Committee and collaborates with committee to develop EEAAPs

This ATI role is responsible for completing and processing all appropriate forms and documentation on behalf of the Purchase Requester and coordinates with ATI Reviewer, Disability Service Office, and the Buyer to complete the IT purchase review.

  1. Assists Purchase Requester with completing the required forms and processes to purchase ICT products and services
    • Works with Purchase Requester to complete required Accessible Procurement documentation including:
      • The IT purchase review form
      • Vendor-provided accessibility documentation (e.g. Accessibility Conformance Reports, Accessibility Roadmap)
    • On behalf of Purchase Requester, submits the required accessible Accessible Procurement documentation for approval
    • May be responsible for maintaining department copies of EEAAP documents for approved purchases

This ATI role is responsible for verifying that ATI documents accompanying a purchase are complete, all necessary approvals have been obtained, contracting for accessibility conformance testing (when applicable), and incorporating recommended accessibility requirements and related provisions into the final contract. 

  1. Reviews purchases of ICT products or services to ensure all Accessible Procurement requirements have been met
    • Reviews requisitions to determine if requested product or service is considered ICT. If the requisition includes ICT products or services, before processing the order, ensures all required accessibility conformance documentation has been submitted with the purchase requisition including:
      • IT purchase review approval documentation 
      • Vendor-provided accessibility documentation (e.g. Accessibility Conformance Reports, Accessibility Roadmaps)
  2. Includes accessibility requirements during competitive bid processes:
    • Incorporates accessibility submission requirements in bid documents (RFx's)
    • Ensures that Vendor bids meet all accessibility submission requirements
    • Coordinates with ATI Reviewer to review submitted documents
    • Incorporates accessibility requirements and related provisions recommended by ATI Reviewer into final contract language
  3. Contracts with third-party consultants to perform accessibility conformance testing if recommended by the ATI Reviewer and approved by the Purchase Requester
  4. Completes all authorized purchases of ICT products and services
    • Verifies that ATI Reviewer has reviewed and approved the requested ICT purchase
    • Verifies EEAAP Committee has developed an EEAAP for high-impact products/services
    • Maintains records and documentation of procured ICT products/services
    • Ensures inclusion of accessibility compliance documentation in the procurement files

A company that sells to or develops ICT products/services for the California State University (CSU).

  1. Works with the CSU to provide documentation regarding product/service accessibility.
    • Provides 508 conformance documentation (e.g. Accessibility Conformance Report, testing results and Accessibility Roadmap)
    • Specifies an accessibility contact person in conformance documentation (e.g. ACR)
  2. Works with the CSU to mitigate accessibility issues/concerns in the products/services they provide:
    • Keeps CSU apprised of work on incorporation of accessibility standards into product or services
    • Provides sample of or access to product or service for testing or demonstration of Section 508 conformance

Information Technology (IT) staff provide technical expertise and assistance with the purchase and deployment of accessible technology.

  1. Advises the ATI Reviewer, campus departments, purchase requesters and/or administrative support staff on functional and technical requirements for ICT purchases
    • Assists the ATI Reviewer with evaluating the functional and technical requirements of a purchase request
    • Assists the Purchase Requester with developing functional and technical requirements
  2. Advises the Purchase Requester on evaluating Vendor-provided Section 508 documentation for completeness and possible concerns prior to submitting it for ATI review
  3. Assists in the evaluation of market research
  4. Serves as member of the EEAAP committee as needed

Disability Services staff members provide expert guidance on accommodations and assistive technologies that provide equal access to university programs and services for persons with disabilities.

  1. Serves in a consultative role to identify potential accessibility barriers that may result from the interaction between partially accessible ICT and various users
  2. Participates in the campus ATI Steering Committee
  3. Participates as a member of the EEAAP Committee in the preparation of Equally Effective Alternate Access Plans

This ATI role oversees campus policies, projects and implementation of the Accessible Technology Initiative. The Accessible Technology Initiative Memo (March 2021)This link will open a PDF file. (pdf) articulates the responsibilities.

  1. Works with the campus ATI Steering Committee to review and update the ATI Campus Plan to guide implementation on an annual basis
    • Conducts regular ATI Steering Committee meetings no less than twice per year
    • Ensures that the ATI Steering Committee membership is comprised of all key stakeholder groups and includes members with appropriate experience and expertise to inform decision-making
  2. Leads the implementation effort on their campus
    • Oversees campus ATI planning process
    • Engages in a periodic administrative review process with the ATI Steering Committee regarding challenges, milestones, resources, and documenting ongoing progress
    • Monitors, leverages, and implements deliverable from systemwide ATI activities that will advance campus efforts
    • Ensures that ATI Steering Committee members monitor, participate in, and contribute to Community of Practice activities
    • Channels communications from the Chancellor's Office to appropriate parties on campus
    • Attends Executive Sponsors Steering Committee (ESSC) monthly calls