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ATI Communities of Practice Slack workspace

Slack is a free collaboration tool that can help colleagues across all CSU campuses work together seamlessly and synchronously. A Slack workspace is made up of channels for different topics of discussion and collaboration. Members can also send direct messages to each other.

Getting Started

If you would like to participate in the ATI Communities of Practice Slack workspace:

  • Use the ATI CoP Slack invitation link.
  • Next, enter your email address, verify the email address, and create a user account.
  • Once complete, you will be taken to the ATI COP workspace.
  • Note: Slack does not support Internet Explorer

Campus Accessibility Document Sharing Space

At the request of the ATI Communities of Practice, the ATI has created an open workspace for campuses to share accessibility documents, such as ACRs ("VPATs"), Accessibility Roadmaps, EEAAPs and related testing reports. Campuses are welcome to upload documents. Links to other resources related to ATI Procurement are also provided.

Read more about the Campus Accessibility Document Sharing Space (*).

CSU Accessible Technology Network

The CSU has “homegrown” accessibility experts who have acquired significant knowledge of accessibility issues and solutions over the years. The CSU Accessible Technology Network (CSU ATN) uses a shared-services model that leverages accessibility expertise from across the CSU system to perform certain accessibility tasks once and then share the results with all CSU campuses. These shared services meet the shared accessibility needs across campuses and reduces total costs, improves accessibility services, and reduces the risks of OCR complaints.

Products of the shared services work are available to all CSU campuses free of charge. We review the annual campus accessibility reports to identify areas where shared services will be most beneficial and practical to implement.Over the past several years CSU ATN members have articulated accessibility processes for procurement, web, and digital content.

CSU Accessible Technology Network members
Los AngelesLeon J. McNaughtATI Program
NorthridgeKate TiptonProgram Manager, Universal Design
NorthridgeAlen DavoudianSenior Information Systems Analyst and Accessibility Consultant, Universal Design
PomonaCarol GonzalesAVP IT Security & Compliance/CISO/
PomonaLaura CarrizalesDirector of Information & Digital