ATI Plans

Developing ATI Plans

ATI plans indicate specific success indicators which will be the focus of efforts for each of the three priority areas - instructional materials, web, and procurement. When developing each ATI plan, the ATI Executive Sponsor and ATI committee will consider the following information:

  • Current progress on selected list of success indicators subject to timelines.
  • Current progress as described in the annual report, with particular attention to success indicators with a status level of “Not Started” or “Initiated.”
  • Select ATI implementation activities across all three priority areas that will result in the greatest reduction of accessibility barriers.
  • Use the ATI Prioritization Framework or a comparable process to consider factors such as impact, probability and capacity when prioritizing ATI implementation activities.
  • Adopt deliverables associated with systemwide ATI activities that would advance campus progress.
  • Collaborations that may accelerate or improve the quality of ATI activities.

Reviewing/Revising the ATI Plan

Each year, the ATI Executive Sponsor, working with the ATI Steering Committee, will review and update their ATI plan to guide their implementation. The plan will indicate specific success indicators which will focus efforts across the three priority areas.